Game Update Notes - August 8, 2017

    • Game Update Notes - August 8, 2017

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      08/08/2017 – August 8th Release Notes
      World Polish

      Current Events achievements from Living World Season 3 have been grouped into new categories under the Side Stories achievement group.
      All Season 3 Current Events achievements have been unhidden, with the exception of those that cannot be progressed without specific Living Story chapters or expansions.
      Meta-achievements have been added for two of the new Side Stories categories, including an achievement for beginning each new meta's story.
      A Central Tyria Mastery Point has been added to the existing rewards for the Transfer Chaser meta-achievement.
      With her journey concluded for now, Seis Burntheart has returned to her original location in Frostgorge Sound, where she will direct adventurers hoping to follow in her footsteps.
      Event scaling on the Ley-Energy Coalescence events has been rebalanced.
      The Bloodstone-Crazed Arctodus, Bloodstone-Crazed Devourer, and Bloodstone-Crazed Moa have gained additional Power.
      Anomaly fragment enemies during the Ley-Line Anomaly events are now easier to stun when Counter Magic is used against them.
      Bandit leaders across Kryta have found their health further reduced as their supply lines remain in disarray.
      Responding to local demand for pet-care supplies, a new vendor has set up shop in Rata Sum to provide shoppers with fun and safe toys to entertain their cats. Further responding to local demand to “get these infuriating felines out of my lab,” harmless and scientific equipment for shooing cats away is also provided.
      Text has been standardized on food and utility tooltips.
      Added two new options to the Sound Options panel that will allow you to determine how items with unique sound effects play back on your game client. The four options are listed below and can be independently specified for both your items and other players' items:

      All: All unique item sound effects will pl...